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Our softwares are 100% Virus and AdWare free!

Here is the complete list of our products. Each CheapW@res product is downloadable. You can download it for free and test it in your system environment.

The downloaded products have limited functions until you buy a license. You can check if software satisfies your requirement, if it works fine on your hardware and if your user experience is simple and straightforward.

NOTE - We developed our product using Microsoft .Net Framework. If you have not .Net Framework on your PC the setup process will install it automatically! This framework is free! You can download it from Microsoft.

After testing you need to buy a license if you want use the product. Don't worry, a lot of CheapW@res products are cheapware: they cost only $20!

When you pay for a license you must send me your system key (you can find it in the product) and after success payment you will receive the registration key. The registration key must be entered in the product!

You can buy a license directly on page of the product, using the PayPal® system.


The cheapest bluetooth marketing solution

Nabuchodonosor helps you send bluetooth messages to all devices, all mobile phones in the range. The messages will be send NOT GSM, but via bluetooth! The message sendings are cost free! So this is the cheapest way to send information to people about your business. You need only an USB Bluetooth Adapter to plug into your PC and enjoy the message sending!

Messages types:

  • Text message: You can send information about your business or yourself. For example: "Hi! Come in Tea House and drink a hot tea!" or "New shoes arrived in the shoes shop!"
  • Picture message: You can send picture about your business or yourself. Or you can send a map of your shop.
  • MP3 message: You can send mp3 file! If you have a voice spot you can send it!
  • Business cards: You can send business card! Design your business cards and send these free!

You can manage your messages.

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