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CheapW@res is a software house specialized in software development of Windows PCs with Microsoft .Net Framework.

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Did you know - 85% of mobilephone users have their Bluetooth Enabled! Every Bluetooth enabled phone within 150mtrs (upto 300m max) in open spaces will receive your message. Manage your marketing material with the aid the in built campaign manager. Send mp3, Images, text or business card to compatible phones. Increase your marketing outreach. No more money spent on printing flyers, a takeaway business sends out over 5000 leaflets a year on average yet it has that amount of people walk past their shop in a matter of weeks. You can send messages to all mobile phone in the range cost free! It is possible to send text messages, pictures, mp3 or business cards. You can send virtual business cards directly to clients informing them of your telephone number, business address and other relevant information. You can manage your messages. More information about Nabuchodonosor is available.

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